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Wait? Did I miss my first order? I'm really confused

Hi there. I’m really confused. I’ve been on Fiverr for, I think, about a month? I (still) haven’t gotten my first order. I get a text from someone (I’m not naming names) in my inbox. The preview of my message said, “Dear Sarah, can you desi…”. When I clicked on the message, there was no message. Fiverr didn’t mark it as spam. It just simply said, “Say hello to ---------. Tell them everything they need to know about your project.” This was not written by Fiverr. This was written by ----------.

Fiverr later wrote: “--------- can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate”.

Is this spam? Did I miss my first order?? Thanks so much, also it would be great if you could also leave me some tips on increasing orders? Thanks again,



No that’s probably a scam. The account has been deactivated or there not logged in.


Fiverr shut it down because it’s either a scam or a breach of ToS.

It’s important to know what a good job is and what a bad job is. There are red flags that this was a scam or a ToS breach but you missed those. That’s dangerous.

Being overeager to the point that you can’t identify exploitation will make you prime for it. Think critically and don’t let people manipulate you.


Thanks so much. I understand. I’m just really wanting to be a good supportive seller to my customers. I’m new here on fiverr and still trying to work around all these scams.


Just keep in mind that being overeager can cloud your judgment. Think about why the person would be asking for that and if it is in the scope of what you do. Scammers prey on people who are eager.

Thanks for your advice :slightly_smiling_face:

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That probably a spam and a scam, fiverr had to deactivate the account for safety reasons, and that for your own good, you’re safe and secure :heart::hibiscus:

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