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Wait for the buyer to answer to dispute or ask for cancelation?

Hi guys,

A buyer purchased my Product descriptions gig, and instead of writing product info or sending photos in the requirements, he only said I should write catchy captions that make people buy the items. It’s a 24h task, so my deadline is in the early morning.
After I saw he doesn’t respond to my questions, I opened a dispute in the resolution center, asking for the product info and one extra day. It’s been a few hours, and the client didn’t visit Fiverr all day.
Should I wait anyway or ask for order cancelation before Fiverr marks it as late delivery?


I would reach out to customer service via email and let them know that the buyer did not properly fill out the requirements. If he isn’t responding to your dispute for extra time and information, he probably won’t respond to the cancelation request in time either, which would mean your order will still show as late.

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Thank you for answering. I will do that rn. :slight_smile: