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Wait is killing me


I had to suspend my account for few hours in a day to avoid too many orders a day, but now i have to wait for orders… this is really killing me, some advises please…


Big mistake wadheanand. Now it’s a bit late but for the next time do as bbetrio3 says, instead of suspending, increase the number of days to as many as you feel you can deliver. Although you might miss a few sales because prospects won’t want to wait.

It worked well for me recently while travelling. I first un-ticked all of the “Express Delivery” Extras I had and increased the number of days to 7 for all my Gigs. I messaged my regular customers about that. At airports, while waiting for connecting flights, I delivered most of my easy orders and when I landed to my final destination, I completed all the outstanding orders and put all my Gigs back to their original settings. It worked very well. :-bd


I would suggest not suspending your account if you’re always looking for orders. When I see that, I assume the seller is not longer active and I don’t return to check. Instead of suspending it, can you increase the days it takes you to finish the gig? Just a thought…