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Wait wait wait(2 YEARS)

i have been on fivrr for more than 1 years but i am still wating to get a single order.i just want ot ask how i can get my first order.Thanks


Almost 2 years and you didn’t even read this forum?
22 min read time in 2 years is extremely low effort.
Your question is literally the most asked question here.


But your Fiverr profile says you’ve been a member since September 2019. That’s only about a month ago.

You can check the buyer request page and send offers to those you can do. You can check your gigs and optimise them and check them for any spelling errors etc. Maybe make sure gigs aren’t too similar. Make sure things in the gigs will make people want to buy.


I’m sorry, I went to check your gigs and I can clearly see why
you are not getting sales.
I know this sounds harsh, but your descriptions needs a lot of editing, and
your sample images are far from being impressive.
Photo retouch is a common/popular gig here, if you want to stand out you’ll need to
work a bit more on your skills first.
Have you seen the other popular sellers? have you checked their sample images?


Thanks for the valuable Advice zeus777