Wait... where is the BLOCK button?


I am sick of receiving spam from other ‘spiritual sellers’ that offer similar gigs trying to get me to buy their gigs. I can do my own spiritual healing and read my own tarot cards, thank you very much. I always tell them that if they send me another copy and paste message I will report them.

However, I DO fear that one day there may be retaliation… what if they order one of my gigs just to give me negative feedback?

So, I searched around the inbox for a ‘block’ button so they could not contact me. Couldn’t find one. :frowning:

Then, I looked for an option to block certain users from seeing my gigs. Couldn’t find that either.

Does it not exist? :frowning: Makes me a sad panda.

I definitely want to block three specific people… one for buying 2 of my gigs and leaving negative feedback with no explanation (got them removed thanks to CS, but I don’t ever want him buying my gigs again! Waste of my time!), one that is a competitor and likes to buy my gigs for some reason (never leaves feedback), and another is a buyer that makes demands that are impossible (I read the future, I can’t COMMAND the future to bend to a buyer’s will) and buys gig after gig anyway and does not leave feedback either. I told the last buyer to please work with someone else because I can’t meet those demands. She threw a tantrum at me and never responded after I delivered the last gig.

After reading a thread that apparently they can come back months later and leave negative feedback months after the fact, I’m a little scared… I know human beings can be spiteful and I rather lose business by blocking troublesome buyers than risk losing my rating and sanity.

Is there really no way to ‘hide’ my gig from certain people?


Unfortunately, I know of no such thing. :frowning:


Not even in the inbox huh… :frowning:


no block, not even delete, its a sorry inbox that’s for sure. Maybe if they allowed deleting and blocking it could free up some server space and the site would run smoother. :smiley:


Reply to @beatcraigslist: I second your thoughts. The inbox function definitely needs to be modified, and a block button would be good…I’ve heard a lot of similar stories regarding troublesome buyers.


Reply to @arnevb: Where is the block? I haven’t seen a block or spam button in the Fiverr inbox?


Reply to @arnevb: OK, now I get you. I usually don’t like those buttons (that’s why it didn’t click in my mind) because I use them only as a last resort, but thanks for clarifying.


Oh that button DOUBLES as a block, kinda?


Why not just report everyone being a jerk? Pretty soon enough strikes against them will add up. I have no problem hitting that button.


Because I believe in karma and bad juju. :x


Ive actually received a bunch of people messaging me lately to buy their photoshop stuff.

It’s like, hellooo? I’d do it myself, lol


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Reply to @beatcraigslist: I agree with you, blocking users and deleting messages in the inbox could really be helpful to everyone.


Completely agree with you and @beatcraigslist! The server is incredibly slow, and for being extremely organized I would like to be able to deleted old messages. Especially be able to block all the people that try to “pick me up” on Fiverr like this is some sort of dating site. Lol.

When is Fiverr going to update the site more, any idea?


Simply block these messages


That spam button never works. I’ve clicked it for a few people, and still gotten messages from them.


This really needs to be put in place, I had a buyer leave a negative review I did not deserve, CS removed - a month or so later, he came back and rewrote the review, I had to contact CS again.

This needs to be fixed, sellers are swallowing a lot from buyers for fear of negative feed backs :frowning:


I’ve only asked for feedback from buyers like 3 times…and that was right at the beginning. Since then I’ve never asked buyers to give feedback…if they want to they can but I also understand that some buyers may not want to give feedback on the gig but they will usually give me feedback via email via fiverr. Some buyers just like discretion. So I don’t think it is something to get upset about if a buyer doesn’t leave feedback.

Also you have fantastic ratings so that counts for a lot even if you were to get a negative feedback here or there. I’m sure people would give you the benefit of the doubt.

I’ve also had other sellers ask me to buy their gigs that sell same gigs as me…sometimes I will buy their gig…I don’t mind helping out a new seller, otherwise I just say thanks for the offer but not at this time.


Reply to @mrspanda: I am new on fiverr but I admit I had a couple of psychic readers contacting me (not ordering) saying they were interested in buying my gig yada-yada

The thing (from my point of view of course) is that they don’t do that in order to ruin my feedback after the order is complete, mainly because they have no orders thus far).

I sense they do this in order to see what the competitors offer - and possibly what they could insert in their copy-pasted reports. One of them was asking me to offer them my gig for free - which I do under specific conditions/promotion-wise/I have already opened a thread in this forum- so that they could offer me a full post under their account

"We’ll get the clients - you’ll undertake the gigs and you’ll receive 50% of revenues"

Meaning…I would work for $2/gig only because they claimed to have hundreds of clients (but not even a single order thus far)

Oh, and I had to delete my own gigs if I accepted their offer.

So, these people (and those who have contacted you) are desperately looking to expand and land their first order.

I understand you worry about the possibility of having them as clients in the future but this is something that happens offline as well and you can do nothing about it.

Just ingore them. Besides, if their feedback is irrationally negative, you can always leave them a negative feedback exposing them publickly.

" He/She is a competitor who ordered my gig only to leave me a negative feedback yada-yada"


Well, I’m not sure if they fixed the spam button… I contacted CS about it and they said that it should work now for me (I dont know if it’s just me or everyone else though!)