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Waiting first order


Hi, I am joined in Fiverr on November-2018 as well as waiting for my first order. But I am not getting any buyer’s request. Although, I am trying to promote my gig on FB group, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram also.
Any problem in account or gig?
Please help to better advice from expert bro to getting a job.


Hello, Jamirul. I looked at your gigs and in my opinion you have done a good job with setting them up. They look clear and professional and also you provide good detail for potential clients. Keep in mind you’ve been on Fiverr for less than a month, which is not that long. It took me over 5 months before I received my first order. I certainly hope you don’t have to wait that long. What I did during the 5 months was periodically make changes to my gigs to make them more attractive and professional looking. One suggestion I have is to make a video for at least one of your gigs. The video does not have to be a live video of you but can simply be a photo of you (and then your power point if you wish) along with your voice or even a voice over artist’s voice. The audio should be a brief greeting or introduction and then a description of your services. I find it does make a difference when potential clients are looking on pages that they can simply click on your thumbnail and the will instantly hear something like, “Hello Fiver users. I’m Jamirul and I’m here to…” If done well, this makes a good impression and can help set you apart from the competition and generate orders. Again, this does not need to be anything fancy, but if you want you could hire a fellow Fiverr freelancer to create a simple and short video for you at a reasonable cost.


Well, I’m an expert, but not a bro, so I guess I can’t help.

I will be generous nonetheless and ask you this: If you aren’t getting any responses from people on social media, do you think, perhaps, that your target customers are NOT located on those social media sites? Where do you think the people who need your services are located? Do some market research and figure this out. I bet, if you start promoting your services where your target customers are located, you’ll start gaining orders.

If you want to be successful, you need to stop thinking of trying only the easy steps – like spamming gig links on social media. There’s no strategy in that. That’s just sharing links to random people. If you want to become successful, you’re going to have to get in there, get your hands dirty, lose sleep, spend hours doing thankless marketing work, and do things that are hard and require lots of research. You’re not doing those things right now, which is why you don’t have any orders.

There’s a LOT more to business than just spamming random links on all of your social media accounts (which are, I bet, only connected to your friends to begin with). Your friends and family members are NOT your target customers.

It’s time to think outside the box.


Thank you very much for your advice. I will make a video for the gig.


yes, I know that and I’m trying to promote my service on Fiverr promoting group where all are the freelancer.
Thanks for your constructive feedback.


This is a terrible place to promote your gigs. Why are you trying to promote your services where the only other people that will see it are other freelancers trying to sell their services as well? Your competitors are not your customers either.

If you want to earn sales, you REALLY need to rethink your marketing strategy. Promote your services to the people who need them – those are the ONLY people that will hire you.


Please help to share me, where I will promote your service as well as sales.


I’m not going to do your work for you. YOU need to take responsibility for your own success, figure out who YOUR target customers are, and find creative ways to reach out to them. YOU are a freelancer. Market research is part of your job.

There are no easy ways to earn sales or success.