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Waiting for 15 June to be level seller... Thank God

Waiting for 15 June to be a level one seller (InShaAllah)
I know it wasn’t easy to achieve but Almighty Allah helped me to have this Because I am not a graphic designer or web developer etc…
Niche: Ms word, ebook formatting, and Transcription


Congratulation :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Keep it up, work hard! :muscle:

Congratulations. So much can happen before then, unless you are about to pause all your gigs. You have to continue providing great services and follow TOS

Wow! Great! :heartbeat:

Wish you the best of luck😇

Is pausing gig is against TOS? And how you came to know that I have paused my one gig?
Just asking for general knowledge.
Shall be thankful for your reply :blush:

No pausing is not against TOS.

It was just an educated guess. Most inexperienced sellers would do this, assuming that if they level up their sales will sky-rocket. Not even so. The real test starts at Level 1.

Pausing your Gig is actually doing you disservice you might harm your ranking and lose sales. No level is worth pausing your GIG for.

Consider the opportunity cost involved. Imagine all the revenue you could be flushing down the drain by pausing your Gig

If anything, I wouldn’t pause my Gig on the eve of promotion.

Leveling up is great but what even more great is your ability to survive the competition here. You don’t survive by pausing your Gig.

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Well done, I hope I’ll become level 1 soon, I have to earn 150$ more

Congratulation for your achievement.