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Waiting for 2 orders

So I am waiting for two orders…

It is 12:20

Orders should come at 14:11 and 14:21.

Both were small orders, 24 hours delivery included. different sellers.

It’s a voice over. I do youtube videos and I use closed captions in English and Spanish, the gigs I ordered are a quick 15-30 seconds video in english and another in spanish saying videos are closed captioned in those languages, one seller in english, another in spansih.

Video itself is in English.

Future CC will be done in Croatian, French, German, Arabic and Vietnamese as well as English and Spanish.

I just want to share.


I think you need to podcast your message via iTunes or Soundcloud. lol

The 14:11 order came at 13:25. I am happy.

Waiting for the other order.

Good luck to get your project in hand :slight_smile:

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The 14:21 was really 14:25, and THAT order came already, the 14:11 order is really 15:11 order and that is still not delivered.

If you have any paint, you could put some on the wall and tell us how it’s drying while you wait on the other stuff. :wink:

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Monday 5pm my flight is leaving. I am using these two gigs as excuse to procrastinate with packing.

Hey can I send you a custom gig for you to come here and do my packing?

Absolutely. Don’t you worry, I can do a premium job for you. Delivery time will be 29 days and the price will be somewhere between 9K and 10K. Send me your requirements so I can clarify. :smiley:

second order came in 12 minutes before deadline. I love it.

The End



:bulb: Joe