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Waiting for $50 bonus from Payoneer [CLOSED]

About 2 weeks ago i received an email from Payoneer saying " I will get $50 bonus once i transfer $100 to my Payoneer account before 31st January 2016" I transferred around $116 and now i am waiting for my bonus.Fingers crossed

I don’t know Payoneer, nor do I care to, however, this sounds like a scam to me. If you transfer $100 to a company, why would they turn around and give you $50? Something sounds a little fishy with that whole concept.

Don’t stake your hopes on claims that are too good to be true.

I did see something about a bonus on another thread and a Payoneer employee had a comment in the thread. Fiverr is a separate company, though. Even though Fiverr has business relationships with companies like Payoneer anPayPal, for anything other than anecdotes you would need to contact Payoneer itself.

Edit: Here is the post I mentioned above:

How it can be a scam as i received other emails of Payoneer from the same source. But i will talk to Payoneer customer support and i can also provide the snapshot of the offer.

thank you for your help. I will contact Payoneer

There’s always a catch. If this turns out to be a true offer from Payoneer, there’s a downside for site members later on – but an upside in profit for Payoneer. Perhaps in the form of fees per transaction from all of their new users? Payoneer isn’t going to give away $50 without some sort of profit scheme in mind later on to regain all those $50 “bonuses” that they gave away to entice people to join their site.

Trust me, it’s not free money. Business doesn’t work that way. If you believe it’s free money out of the goodness of Payoneer’s heart, then I have some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you. :wink:

I got $50 bonus today believe me they gave me the bonus :slight_smile:

And believe me, there will be a downside later on too. :wink:

Businesses do not give away free money to their customers unless doing so benefits them somehow later on. Enjoy your $50, but don’t be surprised if high fees, or some other Payoneer terms of service result in you slowly repaying them for that bonus. :wink:

Nothing comes free. You should read their Terms and Conditions to clear all your doubts.

I have withdrawn about $200 3 times within previous 15 days but still not received anything. :frowning:

contact Payoneer Support

I just got mine :slight_smile:

Without going into a long explanation why, I would strongly recommend avoiding Payoneer.

Regardless of positive or negative experiences with Payoneer, if anyone is still looking for assistance with bonuses, you can contact Payoneer support. This thread will be closed to new responses since it has answers.