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Waiting for buyer response

Dear Friends,

Please let me know. i have completed my First ORDER on time and deliver also show in my order page,
but Buyer is not response …and show "Awaiting feedback from the buyer "

time period is over by 1 day …so what to do.

Thanks you for your valuable suggestion



Wait for 3 days. order will automatically done after that period. Be patience…


Some of the buyers don’t leave reviews. Also, never ask for a 5 star review, as that’s illegal. (I also don’t mean asking for 4 star review, lol)

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Thank you, Fakhar majid,

Thank you, insect44 for reply

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Welcome to Fiverr. It’s ok! Some buyers get right back to you and others may never reach out at all. It’s frustrating to never get feedback but it’s just how some buyers do business. Don’t worry, just be positive and do everything you can to be professional. Always communicate immediately and always let your buyers know you are willing to work with them.


Check this out:

Leaving a review is the prerogative of a buyer.

Sellers have come on the forum posting that they have received a warning because they asked for a review.

Just do nothing and move on.


ok, thank you for reply me

Don’t stress it. Wait! The order will auto complete in 3 days.


OK thank you for reply me