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Waiting for buyer to respond


So I have two gigs I completed recently. Delivered the work, and made it clear I’m happy to edit if required. Right now I’m just waiting for the buyers to submit feedback so the gig shows as completed. I know at least one of them received the work, but am still waiting for feedback.

What happens if they don’t provide any? Does the gig remain open? Do I get paid? Because they have my work and can use it, but I can’t get paid until the gig shows as completed.


Hello Vicmazonas, the order will auto complete, I believe it is in three days if the buyer does not click on the accept button. Buyers get busy or simply do not realize they can click on accept the order button. Some simply take the finished product and allow the order to auto complete for whatever reason.

Some sellers like to remind buyers to leave a comment, which presumably means that the buyer has to click accept to leave a comment. I personally do not remind the buyer to leave a comment, but many do with positive results.

There is certainly no harm in allowing the order to auto complete however, it does mean you have to wait three days longer for your funds and you are not likely to receive a comment on your work. Only negative comments will have an affect on your ability to rise to the next level.


I’m in the same boat. I’m waiting for feedback to improve the work.


Thank you for the advice! I appreciate it. It’s a relief to know there’s a mechanism in place for this - I’m sure I’m worrying over nothing.


Good to know - I was wondering this too!


Your most welcome


I would say that 80% of users never give you a rating, so don’t worry about it. Even when you ask them nicely some will just blow you off. So its just the way the users are here.