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Waiting for Card Issuer Approval been weeks

I am using Fiverr for over a year now. I had a account previously which I deleted before making this one. My previous account was also linked to my Payoneer account.

After linking my current Fiverr account with Payoneer I applied for a card back in March. The request is still pending (no clue why, as I have did all the verifications).

I want to use my Fiverr earnings now but it gives me the ‘Waiting for Card Issuer Approval’ error, I can’t add a bank account or paypal either because it repeats the same instruction.

I have sent out at least 10 email to Payonner but all you get is an automated response. Have posted on Payoneer forum too but no one from Payoneer bothers to respond. It’s been over two weeks that I have been trying to get the issue sorted but with ZERO luck.

I am hoping something can be done.

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Posted the above query 4 days ago, still no response. Trying to get in touch with someone at Payoneer too for over two weeks. Don’t think they have any customer support representatives, all I get is irrelevant auto generated responses.

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Try their Live Chat, if you can. I’ve heard from several people that they got help that way.