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Waiting for card issuer approval issue


I have funds to withdraw and I’ve linked it to Payoneer. Fortunately, Payoneer has approved it but still waiting for Fiverr to approve it. Does it take longer than a day and will it be eventually linked? It doesn’t take time like this. Please advise.


Still waiting for Fiverr to approve? Are you sure? I’m withdraw from fiverr to paypal, it makes 2 minutes, I’m not waiting for nothing, but maybe payoneer has different rules about that.


Payoneer is different from PayPal. It has never been this long but I’m experience it now. Payoneer already congratulated me but its not displaying on their funding source. It says on Fiverr that “waiting for card issuer approval”. I wonder why Fiverr is like this.


My advice is, do not wait for that approval and do nothing. Contact Fiver Customer Support.