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Waiting for first Fiverr order

Hey all! I’ve been browsing the forums and applying the tips I see. I haven’t been a seller very long, but it is still frustrating that I cannot get my first order. I know it is something every seller on every website experiences, but I’m at the point where I need some critique specific to my gigs. So far I have:

  • Joined Facebook groups for Fiverr promotion
  • Used promoted Pinterest pins, and made a genealogy board. I have also designed eye-catching educational pin-ad combos that link back to my gigs.
  • Spread business by word of mouth to family and friends.
  • Tried to make description, title, and keywords SEO friendly.
  • Edited my posts frequently and stayed online on Fiverr to try to drive them up the search results.
  • Had a custom logo designed to give my page credibility.

At this point I am wondering if there are just not many people using Fiverr for anything genealogy related (as opposed to graphic design or social media promotion?)

This is the link to my profile.

Anything glaringly wrong on my gigs, or just lack of patience?

Have you noticed that there’s disagreement on these two points?

Edits actually remove your gig from the search for up to 24 hrs, as all edits need to be approved by Fiverr. Thus the counter argument for this is: edit as often as needed, but as little as possible.

Staying online isn’t wrong exactly, it’s just incomplete. You should be active on Fiverr, not just online.

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Oh thank you! I had previously read somewhere that a seller should edit their post every day because having a recently updated gig would make it higher in the search results. What terrible advice that was! Well hopefully that will be a big help to stop doing that.

You’re welcome. Give me a few more minutes and I can look over the gigs themselves.

Quick note before I do that, you probably are right in that there might not be much demand for your gigs. Have you done much market research into who your target audience is?

I have not. I’ve done this sort of thing with a different business before, but not with genealogy and am not sure how to start. I know that most amateur genealogists that use are middle-upper class and Caucasian, but I’m not sure how to find out if the DIY group is the same demographic as buyers of the service.

This is the list I use to evaluate gigs:

Something that’s not in the list is profile image. The icon is nice, but it’s too small.

Using just the tree from the icon for your profile might look nice. Save the full logo to put in your gig images.

That said, about the cropping in the above screenshot: please see (IMG) point 1.

There’s a lot of information I’ve gathered in the post in the (RRD) section.
Would you prefer to use it as a self-evaluation tool, or would you like me to attempt to analyze your gigs further?

I will definitely switch out that logo with the larger one. I’ll bookmark that list and start to work off of it, thank you.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer advice on this aspect of data gathering. Most of what I know of marketing is book-knowledge I gathered in college, not actual practice of market research. It’s good that you already have an idea of your demographic, though.

Edit: Feel free to ask if you have any questions about the list!

Use buyer requests. It took 3 days for me to get the first order