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Waiting for first order...please help me


I’ve been using Fiverr for a week now. I’ve been reading these all tips to improve or etc. Can someone really help me to receive my first ever order? It’s so difficult to receive the first order, I’m aware of it but can’t really help it. Nothing will happen until a few people would try.


You’re… not trying. You’re waiting.

Stop waiting. Start doing. Be a Doer.


then please tell me something to improve myself.


Promote your gig outside fiverr


I’d like to ask a question, aside from waiting, what have you done so far to get sales?


I am also in same situation cant get my first order…struggling from a few weeks:(


I’ve shared my gigs on social platforms, forums with other people who might need my service. I read a lot of stuff from experienced sellers. And right now I’m trying to get my gig image size perfect but wait. It seems it’s much easier for you to criticize rather than sharing knowledge.
thank you.


I’m sorry if I came across as just being mean, but I wanted to check if you had done something before responding. I’ve seen way too many posts here about people complaining about getting orders while doing nothing.
It seems to me at least that you are doing the right thing so far, but I see that you are still rather new to Fiverr. For some people it took weeks or even months to get their first order, so it might take a while for you too.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with your gigs, but maybe the translation gig description is rather short??
Your Photoshop gig doesn’t really stand out that much either, if you had better
sample images it might work better. Photoshop editing gigs are veeeeeery competitive.
For your translation gig it might help if you create a video of yourself speaking in two languages, that will show that you are indeed capable of speaking both languages.


Thank you for answering and I will do my best to improve the parts you’ve mentioned, It’s okay actually, I hate waiting and doing absolutely nothing. I have lots of things to learn. For example, I just realized that all of my gig images look unsatisfying. And will work on those first.
Thank you so much.


Can somebody please tell me where can we share our gigs apart from facebook, google plus etc? I mean any specific forums?


Be patient you will have your first sell soon.
I got my first order after one month.


On Twitter facebook groups and on Instagram.


@zeus777 Can you please check my gig as well and guide me?


@zaiba202 Thank you:) Any specific fb groups?


Your profile is not showing in search.


Where you think your potential buyers will be.


Hey, just to know, after get the first order, the nexts ones are easier? :thinking:


After my first order I got second after 15 days.
There is no specific things for getting orders.


There are people who have 5 orders in a day for sometime and sometime they didn’t get an order for months.


Your gigs are good image are really good.add more gigs in your profile. check your gigs impressions, clicks and views, if they are going down make changes in your tittle, tags and description.