Waiting for first Order................TRY ALL TIPS



I am new and created my ID 5 days ago.
I try every thing which read about fiverr new users for getting first order.
Using buyer request.
Share my GIGS on social media etc.

But not getting single order.

Kindly help me.


I am also new here on fiverr. It’s been 18 days and I also looking for my first order.Stay online and be patient and hope our day will come.


keep patient and be regular .
Soon you are gonna have your first order.


Same here dear waiting for first order To give my quality work


just be patient me too i will patient here


Paul the :man_office_worker:t3: has done his work and compiled a collection of information for new sellers like you!


It seems like you are using a photo of an actress as your avatar, and why would you
want to do that?
Use an avatar that represents who you are, why not use your own logo?
For many buyers, just seeing an avatar image that clearly is NOT the person or
has nothing to do with the services they offer is enough to make them avoid it.

Also, logo gigs are VERY competitive. Unless there is something very unique about your
gig, you might have a tough start.


Hello, I am also new on fiverr BEST OF LUCK.


I am also new one on fiverr. Just started started working on it. Waiting for my first order :slight_smile: