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Waiting for first order!

Hey guys, I have created three gigs in different category as per my skills and experience. However I am still waiting for my first order. Let me know, how can I get my first order.
Thank you!


I’m also waiting for my first order on LOGO design.Wish you best of luck :innocent:

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Thank you tanjil72. Wish you good luck for your first order.

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We’re in same train be with patience and always give your best brother, hard work pays off.


Same here. I’ve 5 gigs :-

  1. Background removal
  2. Qr code designing
  3. Domain research
  4. Designing Instagram posts and stories
  5. Designing Animated gifs
    and i’m waiting for my 1st order
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Be patience …wait few days and active on fiver as much possible. always send buyer request.

Thanks for your suggestion!

But I’m not getting any Buyer requests for one of my gig i.e…Qr code
Why ???