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Waiting for improvements

I need to improve my first gig please leave your reviews.

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Give us your Gig link brother

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I can see that your focus keyword is “minimalist logo”, But I cannot find “minimalist” word on your Gig description. Its mean you didn’t complete your Gig SEO properly.

Your Gig images only show 1 Gig and nothing. Look at other sellers Gig images, How they created their Gig images.

Research on how to do Gig SEO

View other sellers Gig images who are selling same service like you. and Take idea from their Gig images.

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Thank you so much that helps a lot


This is the Community for sharing your views and answer the questions. Not marketing your GiG in here. Pls delete the massage before Flagged by the Fiverr. Think and take responsibility, if you want to go with Fiverr in the Long way.

I’m not marketing my GIG, I just sent the link because someone asked for it. If fiverr wanted to flag I would’ve already done so. Thank you for the info.

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Its our responsibility to help new sellers :smiley:

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Some times you can get Job order within the month. Wait for your knock