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"Waiting for info from buyer"

This buyer is clogging up one of my order spots by being in limbo. Won’t respond to text. Won’t cancel the order. And there is no way for me to cancel an order that has started to be filled out. It’s been several days. What should I do?


Hi @richardwheeler
If you have a new order, but it says they are waiting for buyer requirements, unless they are specified, the countdown will not start.
If the buyer won’t reply to your messages, I suggest you ignore the whole thing, it won’t affect you anyway.

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It is affecting me actually, because it is taking up one of my gig spots and stopping an actual interested client from contact me. You are correct the countdown has not started, that is irrelevant.

You need to ask CS to cancel this one. If you tell them they are not responding to you they possibly will make sure it does not affect your analytics.

With “has started to be filled out”, do you mean they did not fill out the requirements completely and the order is still in “Incomplete” status? If so, you should be able to cancel without effects after 7 days:

When an order is marked as Incomplete, the buyer is still required to submit the requested information for the seller to complete the order. The order status cannot be adjusted until the buyer replies to the seller’s instructions.

  • As sellers , you can leave this section blank if you do not require any further information.
    You will also see an option to send a reminder to the buyer, to notify them to reply to the instructions.
  • A buyer will see a message indicating a reply to the instructions is required to start the order.

Note: After a week has passed from the original order creation, a seller can cancel the order without any harm to their cancellation ratio or ratings.


No guarantees that the “without any harm” part works, though, I didn’t have to try it out yet. I’d definitely wait 8 days, actually, if it says “a week”, not that there’s any issue with time zones or whatever.


I don’t know what you mean by taking up one of your gig spots @richardwheeler, is it orders in queue?
For what you need to do now, I believe @miiila didn’t leave much to be said :slight_smile:

Try customer service possibly?