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Waiting for my 1st sell

Hi iam new seller at fiverr, waiting for my 1st order,already i have sent 266 offer but cant get my 1st order…


The word is sale, not sell, in this sentence.

Sell is a verb but this sentence demands a noun: sale.

You probably aren’t tailoring your request offers to what that buyer has asked for.


thank you for replay me,right now what can i do?Please give me advise.

I just told you.

Tailor to what the buyer wants. Don’t just post something generic and desperate.

It would also help if you improved your English. It’s very poor and that is a turn off for buyers because they want proper communication.

If another buyer responding has good English, why would they choose someone who doesn’t?


thank you for your suggestion

First of all, you have to improve your communication skill. Because in this industry communication skill plays an important role. If your communication skill is good enough then it helps you to generate more buyers than others. So it’s the first priority.

Then read the Buyer’s description clearly and try to understand their need. After that write a proper cover letter to tell how will you solve their problem. If you can add your previous works or portfolio it would be great. It helps you to catch buyer attention to your proposal. And the last thing is to try to finish the proposal in short.
Try it. InshaAllah buyer will knock you.
Best of luck brother! :heart:


in shah Allah,thank you

did you checked my gigs? if you can please check it.

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