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Waiting for my first order. How can i rank my gigs?

Welcome and Greetings !

I am new in fiverr , i joined fiverr 14 days ago and created gigs. But still didn’t get any order . I used my original picture and wrote my gigs description on my own even though I didn’t copy from my other gigs. I also used professional gig images with my work samples. i am still promoting my gigs on social media ( LInkedIn, Twitter , Instagram , pinterest , youtube , Medium ) and other platforms .

I read many posts in Fiverr Forum and learned lots of things .I understood here lots of gigs on different platforms . In my gigs category there are also huge competitors .So it’s not easy for me to get an order very soon. I saw many new sellers get orders within one week . But how ?
As a newcomer please advise me about my profile and gigs.How can i rank my gigs? I want to learn .

Here is my gigs:

Abu Naem