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Waiting for my first order since October 2019

I started fiverr in October 2019 but didn’t receive an order yet. Help me



I checked you profile and here I come up with following tips that you should follow as you mentioned you haven’t received any order yet.

1- First, at No Level fiverr allow to make 5 gigs, so create all 5 gigs (if you have already created) ignore this point and move to 2nd one.

2- Place a cover photo “eye catching” which can grab the people’s attention easily.

3- Don’t copy the material from other gigs (specially pictures in graphics designing gigs) . May be this is common for you but buyers notice this alot if you are copying data while creating a gig then how less percent there will be that you will deliver something unique. So, try to come up with unique ideas .

4- Just mention the things in your gigs which you can do easily (be HONEST, don’t mention more than your expertise)

5- Use common search tags while creating a gigs. Don’t use unique keywords, because search tags are the most important thing buyers used the search tags while searching for gigs.

6- As a beginner, start your gig packages with a less amount as this time you have to gain the buyer’s trust. So try to provide your service in a discounted price.

Less amount never means you start offering all the services in 5$, you have to check the market value by visiting multiple gigs, just try to offer little less amount than others.

7- Refresh your gigs on daily basis.

8- Check Buyers Requests frequently.

9- Also, you can share your gig link on social sites like linkedin, facebook pages etc. It can also help you.

After all this, please be motivated. Never Lose Hopes!!

As freelancing is not much easy or in no any business no one can have profit within a month or 2 and this is your business, indeed! You have to spend much time, so be motivated!

Hope you will receive your order soon, best of LUCK!


Thank u so much bro…

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Best of Luck bro…


This is what it says in your description:
"Heyy, I am a fresh freelancer and just here to get some experience so that’s why i will do any work of data entry for free of cost "

Are you sure about this? FREE?
Also your description is VERY short, it doesn’t come across as professional I’m afraid.


That description is as appealing to buyers as a mud sandwich. No offense but it helps to sound professional rather than offering something free for experience.

Buyers here do not want anything free, since they feel that’s a waste of their time. They want someone who is good at what they do and they pay for that. This is not an unpaid internship site.

Thank u so much bro…


Hi, which bro are you thanking? Oh I see, the tips bro.


You are charging for each of your packages and then say “i will do it free of cost for u”. in the description of each one.

Have a look at other gigs in your category to see how this works.

There is no benefit to you in working for free.

A buyer has to order, pay, you deliver, and then they can leave a review if they wish to do so.

Buyers are looking for a competent professional service.

If you are not offering this you will not get orders.


really good tips for me…Thanks you so much sarmadrizvi24

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No prob, always welcome.

good to hear that, always welcome :slight_smile: