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Waiting for my first Sale

I have been here for quite a while but I didnt sell anything at all :S Can anyone tell me what should I do?


send buyer request

There’s a goldmine of tips and tricks you can find by looking around the forum. Just work on promoting your gigs to social media and applying for buyer requests everyday. But don’t worry, it does take some time before you get your first sale. [=

Think outside of the virtual world. Is there someone you know that could use your services. A friend or a neighbor? See how you can help them with one of your gigs. That can help you evaluate your offer and may even get your first few sales. Think of how someone will use what you offer. Will it provide value to them in a way that is worth $5.00. Your experience with a client will be a business relationship where the buyer will make a great deal of money off of what you provide. Both of you walk away with more money because you worked together.

Reply to @landongrace: Well said! =D>

this my problem to, thank to anyone for the tips

I was quite lucky in a way, my first day posting I got a message from someone, and a few days later I had an order waiting for me. I do feel as though there’s going to be a long dry spell though. Just devote some time to market your gigs, study other similar gigs to get inspiration.

Are you getting messages in from potential clients? If so, how does the conversation normally end?

Also, if you click your username to the top right corner>My Sales>My Gigs, how many impressions, clicks and views do your gigs have?

Please send me your e-mail.I will send my project.This does not have enough space to present what I want done

westillcare■■■■■■■■■ thank you.Stephen, “Stef”

Reply to @sirstef: I think you may have accidentally posted your email address in a public forum. Bring on the spam!

I was going to go into more detail the other day about the gigs you offer, they’re great, but there is a lack of information. I don’t think 2 lines per gig really sells them.

Use the formatting tools in Fiverr in order to direct peoples attention to important factors. Remember: People don’t like to read, they like to scan through as quickly as possible, so bullet points are always great for this.

I have been on this website for less than a month, am constantly updating my profile to include the answers for frequently asked questions. This makes it easier for you, the seller, because you don’t have to repeatedly answer the same questions. It also makes it easier for the buyer, because they don’t have to ask 20 questions.

I have finished one order so far and currently have 2 in my queue. I have managed this by not necessarily look at how many orders I recieved, but by looking at the page impressions and finding ways to turn them into sales. If someone clicks on your advert, they most likely want what services you offer.

Reply to @philtabest: Pretend that you’re selling your services to a toddler, because not to offend any buyer, but that’s essentially what you’re doing. They come to you because they don’t know how to do it themselves, so they want to know as much information as possible. Everyone, is the same when buying something, including me!

I am going to pick on your T-shirt design gig, because that’s an easy example. I and you both know what a PSD file is, but do your buyers? The design seems great, but as a buyer I would be questioning what I actually get for my money.

If you can sell this service for $5, then that’s great, but if you want to fill people with confidence of your work you could structure it something like.

  • $5 for a black and white print design
  • $5 extra for colour print design
  • $20 extra if they would like the PSD file

I wrote a list of 32 tips to help optimize gigs and generate sales. Maybe it’s what you’re looking for? You can read it right here on the community forum: