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Waiting for my first sell

Hi…I am Tanvir Ahmed from Bangladesh. I am a new freelancer but i have a good experience on graphic design. I create 2 gig and now i am waiting for my first sell. Can any one tell me please how can i sell more and more…

I haven’t looked at your gig but it is not uncommon for a new seller to get no orders in your category because the marketplace is completely oversaturated with designers. You’re in a tricky category and even if your gigs are spotless and your samples are extremely professional, it will still be difficult to get sales as a new seller. There are just so many in your category.

I strongly recommend browsing the forums and using the search function before posting a new topic about getting sales. You’re not likely to get many tips in a new topic because this is asked 100 times every single day and people who are making sales get tired of repeating themselves, so they stop responding.