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Waiting for my reviews

Hello EveryOne
I completed 5 orders but receive only 2 reviews
The clients are not online again and they mark the order completed
What should i do now
Is there any process to receive my reviews so that I improve my account



First you have to try asking your buyers to send you reviews. since they are offline you can’t do nothing than contact CS. but i don’t know are they solving these kind of things because leaving reviews are responsibility of buyers and it should wrote by themselves. :roll_eyes: personally what i am doing is, mark them in conversation using “star” and when they come back to order again, i tell them to leave reviews before proceeding with new orders. :grinning: most of the times, buyers will buy from you again and again. so this trick you can use to maintain your portfolio. :wink: Happy Selling! :+1:


yes exactly

nice trick :slight_smile:

Forcing the buyers to leave a review is not a good idea.


If I ever came across a seller who forced me to do a review before I could order again, I would find a new seller. Leaving reviews is 100% VOLUNTARY. The seller does not have to leave a review. If they don’t choose to leave a review, just leave them alone. Maybe they will come back and leave the review later, but don’t hassle them for it. You needing to improve your account, is not your sellers issue. You just need some patience :slight_smile:

There are many threads on the forum asking what percentage of buyers leave reviews and it ranges from 60-80%. Personally, I found no real difference in my review percentage when I nicely suggested that a review would be welcome, to when I said nothing, so I just say nothing. My overall review rating (from 3000+ orders) is 63%.


Relying on “tricks” is a terrible idea as a seller. Rely on providing excellent work and great customer service, so the buyer WANTS to leave a review.


I don’t think so. because most of the time they forgot to leave reviews. so they leave reviews once we asked. also if not, also they leave reviews because they need to do the new one. there’s no harm to both seller and buyer. they come back to us because we done the last job great. isn’t it? :slightly_smiling_face:

i am just kidding
even i dont force any one for review
giving review is his own choice
i agree with you

definitely agree with this idea. but if they didn’t write reviews once we done a great job. it’s feel bad to us as sellers. because as a individual i’m doing outstanding work for each and every buyers who order my gigs. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well it depends, if you had a buyer like me, who HATES when sellers get pushy about reviews (even when I understand the system) and I choose to take my business elsewhere when a buyer gets pushy - its a pain for me to find a new seller and you lose business. Its super frustrating if someone does good work, but for some reason, you choose not to leave a review and you get hassled for it.

So I think it could be harm to both buyer and seller.

Buyer’s aren’t buying from you to help your business - they are selfish and simply want something done for themselves and are paying you for the work. IF they happen to help your business by leaving a lovely review, think of it as the icing on the cake, rather than something expected.


hmm… That’s right. i didn’t thought that much. sorry for my comments. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

You need not ‘force’ the buyer but tell him politely.

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Yes. It should be corrected. :grinning::+1:

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dont be sorry
this is just our ideas
everyone thinks from different angle :smile:

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my angle was wrong. :sweat_smile: That’s why i apologized. :blush: