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Waiting for some attention

Well, It has been over three months and just one sale. I do not know what the issue is…if one exists, but it has been quite disheartening. I have since deleted the app from my phone because I am tired of checking for requests and nothing appears. if things continue on this path I will be just be staying away.

You’ve been here a month and gotten one order. That’s better than some things. Fiverr isn’t the kind of platform you can come to and be an instant success. It’s very rare for that to happen, and more often than that, sellers who survive are those who pull themselves up by their bootstraps and stick it out, delivering good quality product and building up customer bases and climbing the ranks. Promote yourself outside of Fiverr, read up on seller tips, and wait. If you can’t do those simple things, you might want to delete your account as well.