Waiting for some new clients


Almost a midnight and waiting for some new clients.


It’s just 6am by central time so imagine lots of people going home now.
Having their dinner and thinking to order from amk123 :slight_smile:


hahah usually I get orders at this time of the day :stuck_out_tongue:


You are talking my mouth! Last few I sleeping with fiverr!


Don’t wait for new clients. Go out and find them!

If you know your target customers – who they are, what they need, what the want, where they can be found – you have the building blocks for a marketing campaign. Like any good businessman, you need to know your target customers. They are the only people that will make your business profitable.

Sitting back and waiting for success is not a good business strategy.


Any time spent waiting can be better used in marketing


I am also waiting for my first client…
Hope so I will get my client soon…


Try being proactive.

Waiting won’t always deliver your dreams but rather going out and submitting bids and refining your gig will!


On fiver all we can do is just make bids for the targeted clients and I was already done with that and that what I posted waiting for any of the clients response.


Even after doing marketing you need wait to get the visible results of it.


That’s what I already did and made this post :stuck_out_tongue: was actually waiting for clients response over my bids


I am not sure what you mean by “after marketing”, because if you think you are done marketing, you didn’t market right.


There is a lot more that you could be doing with your gigs. The most successful sellers here on Fiverr do not just make bids, sit back, and wait. But, if the sit and wait strategy works for you, that’s great. Keep doing what works for you, your desired profit level, and the kind of success you wish to achieve. I, on the other hand, will always promote and pursue the proactive strategy.

The greatest inventions, the tallest buildings – the things people remember – were all completed with hard work. Hard work builds success.


Totally agreed with you mate. Hardwork is the key to SUCCESS. That’s it


Well, you’re the guy who called bad names to your clients in a former post.
I bet you will be waiting a loooooong time for new ones now!
The best clients google their potential sellers, and if they google your username… well…


They say best advertising is free advertising:

  • Google Search, - free,
  • Lurking on Forum - free,
  • Word of Mouth by Satisfied Customer - free & free & free (Personally, I think this is the best form of advertising & did I mention, its free)


For your kind information, I got 3 projects last night. You loose the bet! I’ve God who’s looking to my hard work and you are no one to challenge!


If God is for us, who can be against us?


that is what you need to understand.


How can i improve my rating?