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Waiting for someone to break the ice

Hello everyone,
I have created 3 gigs and try my best to stay online but still waiting for someone to place an order and get admired and appreciated for the work I will have done for them…


Check out these tips .
Hope you will get order soon.


@webdesignerxx thanks and appreciate, already read that

I think you haven’t …Your gigs picture is not perfect … Check the fiverr tips categories again…And one more thing just reading those things will not helpful for you, you have to apply those also .

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will have a look again
BTW you were the first who suggested me something, thanks again

You are welcome …

Change the gig image .Because it is very important … Buyer will see the gig image first then gig description after that profile… Hope you got that …

Best Of Luck

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Yup thanks a lot :heart_eyes: