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Waiting for the first order😃!

Hi All,

I have joined this platform 9 days ago and kept waiting for the first order. Unfortunately couldn’t find until now and don’t know what to do next. Could you please share some tips?



Keep sending buyer request and promote your gigs on social media’s hope so you get an order soon

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Thanks for the feedback.:pray:

Hello @simon_v1 :slight_smile:

I m checking your profile now. Well, nice to see you on Fiverr. You are really new here and first what i could recommend to you is patience!

Fiverr have a lot freelancers, and your work filed have big number of GIGs for sure. And that is same situation with almost every popular work field,

So, what you could do - Try to retype your GIGs. Use some keyword per GIG which describe the best. Place it in Title, Description and Tag.

Then, you need to use Skill Tests related to your Skills. In that way you will show potential client that you have knowledge in your work filed.

And sure, as @mahmudamitu said, buyer requests and Social media share! That circle you need to do every day.

Keep going and don’t give up!!! :slight_smile:



What do you guys mean with “buyer requests”?
Do I need to buy other gigs or just contact other seller and not buy? And why? :thinking:

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Thanks for the detailed reply and will definitely folllow the advice. Really appreciated :smiley:

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hi @simon_v1
I have also joined and I am also waiting for the first order. All the best :relaxed:

Hi @cifranx

I mean to go on Buyer Requests part and send your offer for Requests which are shared there. YOu can find that here -

You don’t need as Seller to buy anything. Just need to create nice GIGs and Buyer Requests will appear related to your Skill.

Hope it is better explained now?


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Keep trying! Even I’m waiting for my first order.

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Be patient!
Success will come soon!

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Bro don’t wait for success to come to you
YOU are suppose to go towards success!!


Thanks :slight_smile:
you explained it very well.
Is it normal that no request is available for me?

30 days earlier I was also waiting for first-order now I’m waiting for One Level seller promotion. Hope, They will promote me soon.Never lose hope

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Don’t wait! …. New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

hey, dear, be patient & keep sending buyer recquest every day,
You can follow these tips which will help you to get success

  1. recharch you gig & create a killer gig with eye-catchting image
  2. use long tail url with many keywords, good title
  3. use the best seo keywords
  4. keep marketing twise a day on every social media & give time on fiverr forum regular,
    5, all time active on fiverr
    6, be patient & waiting for success,
    Hope it’s will be help you to get success

Hi, many many good wishes for you.It will be a little difficult for newcomers to get the first order.Hope you see the success very soon.At the moment you regularly share your gig on social media with can sent buyer request everyday.
Thank you.

Please follow this link, You will get lot of tips

Thanks and will follow up on the same :smiley:

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Thanks for the tips :smiley:

Same here! I’m also waiting for my first order to be done.