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Waiting for the project, Need some tips

Hello every one
I am using fiverr since last 7-8 months
I completed 5 projects with 5 stars and now its 4 months that i don’t got any project.
I don’t know whats the reason
please guide me
Thank you

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Keep rest and wate best of luck


If I were you, I’d do the exact opposite. I don’t think taking rest and waiting ever helped anyone get more orders. It is counter-intuitive.

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You Need to Create more Gigs and stay online 6 to 8 hours daily.

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but how much wait more :stuck_out_tongue:

you are right

is this be helpful
as i am online through mobile app

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Yest It will helpfull @murtaza1994

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Thank you
i will follow your advise

Be patient and you can change the image of your own site to see if you can update a little bit or see whether you are getting the order or maybe you are not getting the order, you can update a little bit.

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Thank you
I will do it
May be this will be helpful
By the way you are right