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Waiting for Top Seller status change

I’m a level 2 seller now but I have completed all the requirement to archive top seller status but I didn’t get the promotion. Anyone know that how to archive this Top seller status?

TRS is picked manually, by Fiverr staff. When you hit the level required, you’re ‘nominated’ by Fiverr for Top Rated Seller. At the next ratings, a member of the Fiverr team will review your account. If they deem you suitable, you’ll get TRS. If not, you’ll continue to be nominated.

Some sellers have been nominated for multiple years now and still not been awarded TRS. Just keep doing the best you can, and hopefully it will happen for you. Good luck.


@rad_graphic congratulation for level 2, hope you get Successfully next final level

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I am waiting for LEVEL 01 :star_struck: