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"Waiting for update" on order?

Spotted this message underneath an order today that I’ve never seen before… I’ve highlighted it in red “[Buyer] is waiting for an update from you for 9 hours” (screenshot below). Is this some kind of new feature? I’ve been discussing this order back and forth for a week now, and to be fair the buyer did leave a message on the order about 9 hours ago, but never before have I received a ‘waiting for an update’ notice. Anyone know what causes this to appear? Or if it affects response time etc?

The fact that it’s poor grammar (surely it should read “[Buyer] has been waiting for an update from you for 9 hours”) makes me think it’s some kind of new feature…

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Me too - it went away after i redelivered the order.

The notification appeared on one of my orders too. That was the only active order I had, and I noticed a 2% decrease in my on time delivery percentage. Does it affect on the ontime delivery?

but how u redelivered? after completion of order, there is no option to redeliver!

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