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Waiting on revision info as a seller?



My buyer requested a revision saying that they need to discuss with their ‘team’ and will get back to me in the New year about what they want changed.

It’s sitting open in my queue, with the red ‘late’ appearing, but is this actually going to strike against me if I let it sit there for 2 weeks while I wait for them to know what they want?


Extend the delivery time in the Resolution Center by discussing with your buyer as if they are ready to extend the deadline or not. Capture

Resolution Center Button is available on all order(s).

It doesn’t affect negatively.


Also, remove the five stars from your gig image else it will be taken down by the Fiverr Editorial Team. Many sellers have faced consequences because of that.


How do you remove the five stars from your gig image?


Totally up to you how you handle this, but I would actually push back on the client. To me, this is abuse of the revision button. A revision is supposed to be requested when the client wants something changed. It’s not an open-ended “thanks, we’ll look when we’re ready and get back to you”.

Clients have 3 days to either request a revision, or accept the order, not 2 weeks. Like the previous poster said, it won’t affect your stats, but you’ve done the work… Now you have to wait 2 weeks, ON TOP OF the 2 weeks you wait once the order has been completed in order to get your money.

We had this happen a couple of months ago. We re-sent the work, politely reminding the buyer of the Terms of Service. The buyer accepted, and purchased a revision (it was due to a script change) when they were ready.

Good luck whatever way you choose to go.


By updating the gig and deleting the current image(s) and uploading the new ones and saving the gig.