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Waiting Out 60 days - Effect Of Cancellations

Previously, I have written about an unfortunate situation I found myself in. Two orders with 5 star ratings, getting cancelled and refunded, 2 weeks after delivery.

I have gone into the details here.

Almost immediately after those two cancellations, my gig impressions just collapsed. Each and every one of my gigs dropped 60 to 80 %.

I also lost my Fiverr Level, obviously.

On a more personal level, I started declining requests from buyers, simply because, I did not want to take up any work at all. I have deleted many of my gigs out of frustration. I have become more selective, and asking more questions. Unless the buyer matches my expectations, I politely ask the buyer to seek out another seller.

Since Fiverr waits 60 days to revisit seller stats, I have now decided to just wait out 60 days, at which point, my Fiverr Level should be restored. Also, I am now sure, having cancellations has an incredible effect on impressions. Not just on that one gig. Your entire profile and all the gigs get demoted

Fortunately for me, I always have a policy of diversifying my freelance channels. Fiverr accounted for less than 10 % of my revenue, so I don’t mind staying away from Fiverr for a while.

I am still new to Fiverr. I am beginning to understand that Fiverr is extremely punishing to new sellers. The policies are confusing, the appeal process is non-existent, extremely buyer friendly and one mistake, and boom, the algorithm will throw you out of the window.

As with everything else in life, its a game of patience and understanding. Figuring out how Fiverr works and understanding the system before trying to make money out of it.


I had aproblem like that. In my case for inexperience, both my client and me.
Long story:
She missunderstood my gyg and hired my gyg without contact me first. So I explained her why it wasn’t right. So she cancelled and rehired me using a right gig…
Short version: I have a history in cancellation now :pensive: and even if she said it was her mistake I have to “suffer” for her. She was so nice to give me a tip covering the money that fiverr charged me for her cancellation and mistake.
But I don’t know if there is some way to ask fiverr to make this right.
It was nice to know about the 60 days policy. :blush:. There is.hope, I guess.
And I learned that next time I shouldn’t cancel, but ask to add a service or offer an extra.


I agree, cancellation has dropped my expression incredibly. I have over 2.5k impressions in 7days. Now i have 17 impression.

I will wait for 60days to start from scratch again. i feel its unfair for Sellers but we don’t have a choice


I did something similar (try and help client because of client mistake) on another platform. Same thing. Penalty :slight_smile:

These websites and their policies. That’s just how. things are. Nothing much to do.

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I am also. hoping for the same.

Where did you get the information that Fiverr revisit seller stats in 60 days?

I am just guessing. it is not written anywhere :slight_smile:


This what i can see Best seller on my profile comapre to what public see on my profile


No Best seller

I believe this could be the effect of one cancellation we agreed with my client.

Is there a mutual way to agree with a client on cancellation without affecting my gig rating?

Let’s share!!!

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Same here . Buyer ordered without consulting and cancelled it instantly and one negative review . My impression were 1.5k - 2k daily which dropped to 50 instantly . Its almost 2 months now and i have received 0 new messages .

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No. Unless you involve customer service and they agree to cancel it for you without affecting your stats, you unfortunately get to take a hit to your profile.

If the buyer cancelled, they cannot leave a review. Cancelling just affects your completion rate, not your overall star rating.



Never told same buyer did that .

Sorry, but this sentence makes no sense.

If a buyer cancels their order, they cannot leave feedback. You cannot get dinged in two places (your average review score and completed orders).


What i tried to say is :

  • 1 buyer cancelled the order
  • 2nd buyer gave negative review