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Waitting for an order.....!

01 I will fix your any kind of html and css errors for $5

02 I will help you with anything about Wordpress for $5

03 I will do your visual basic, c sharp or java project for $5

Seriously dude, I see you spamming this forum so often.

Stop it.

Sorry… I did not do it deliberately. I am new to fiverr… I will never do it again…

Agreed. Please stop “asking for sales” here on the Fiverr forums. You’re not going to find them in this format. Post ads online, share you links in social media, blog about your posts… but, never spam requests for sales on forums. That will, unfortunately, make people NOT want to buy from you.

I recommend that you google some articles about marketing, and pursue some of the appropriate tips those articles recommend. :slight_smile:

ok…thank you for your advises…!!!