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I want to hire a VO artist. But I have no idea where to start. I have no script. I have no video. If someone could post a complete guide to get people like me on the right track it would help. It is a daunting task when you’ve never done this before.





@jonrichards @misscrystal Me too


I think for explainer video first need script then voice over and then video


So, VOs please enlighten us


Step by step instructions from beginning to end please for a one minute video. Not a whiteboard video or “explainer” video, a high quality promotional video, using something like Videohive, or something equivalent.

@jonrichards since you mention that you want potential buyers to know what they want first, let them know what they need and how to go about this. Now is your chance.

I’ve talked to VO artists, script writers, and video makers, but trying to put it all together and coordinate it is confusing.

So far, all I have is some background music to use. :confused:


The biggest thing I believe is to do the script first, then the VO, then the video. Most people do that Video first (cause its fun) then try to have someone jam the VO into the time that they allowed for each scene. That’s why we get scripts that say (8 seconds allowed for this line, and it is in actuality 25 seconds of copy).

Speech either sounds correct to the ear or it doesn’t. When you read really slow or race through to fit it into an arbitrary timeline because they did the video ahead, it sounds unnatural and awkward.

Video is immensely forgiving. If the VO artist reads a line perfectly in 6 seconds, despite the fact that
you have 10 seconds of a shoreline in the video, you have 3 options:

You can easily edit the video clip down and have it fit the audio perfectly. More work for the video editor.

You can have the VO artist read slowly and not get the best possible inflection. Not optimal.

Wait on building the final video (great to select cuts and have a very rough cut which you know you will be editing). Do audio first and get a perfect read, then easily edit your video once, not twice to get a perfect fit.

  1. Script finalized.
  2. VO/Nattation.
  3. Create/edit video.
  4. Hire Newsmike


So when you do the VO, you also can add in the music in the background?

You recommended showing a graphic with text, then the VO part, then another ten seconds with text. So it sounds like the VO part would only be 50 seconds for a 60 second video. How do we know how many words are in 50 seconds of video?

(It would actually be about two seconds of the beginning and ending graphic. As you can see, I am bogging down in all of this.)


What Mike said.

My original post was just a bit of fun, really…shame it seems to be taken so seriously.

I was actually talking in terms of potential buyers not really knowing how the website works/how to place an order. I’ve bought a few gigs on here and I’ve never struggled to fathom out what to do.

Then a lot of buyers don’t know what they want in terms of tone, pace, etc and expect you to be clairvoyant.


Yes I know but this is a topic that might be very helpful to others. I hope you don’t want me to start a new one for this? When you are saying people don’t know what they want, it is something that is worthy of discussion.


You can either add the music in the background, or sometimes the client asks for the VO and the music as separate tracks, so they can add/edit at their own discretion.

Here’s a good guide as to how many words your script should include.

60 seconds — 150 word count

30 seconds — 75 word count

15 seconds — 36 word count

That’s an average read, if you wanted slow, scary, spooky, or dramatic, you have to adjust.


Thanks, so the starting point is the script and VO. I am hoping for a cohesive image for the video to gel in my mind first. It’s time consuming looking at all the video templates available, not to mention trying to imagine how they can be edited so many ways.


I’m really talking about a lack of instructions from the buyer - again, in terms of vocal delivery. Of course, I ask but I usually get silence, so I’m left with best guess.

And guess what? It’s more often than not wrong.

Feel free to discuss it on here all you want - no need to start a new topic unless you feel it is necessary.


I feel simple is best so people don’t get confused. I don’t want a lot of moving images floating around or things that take attention away from the message. I’ve seen effective videos that were simply an image with a voiceover. That might be best from the standpoint of conveying a message. People hate to read.


So @misscrystal, if some VO artist were to say, help you with all of the work and process involved, who would guide you in the steps - would you consider that to be worth paying more for?

I do this with clients for a couple of my services (not VO, my voice would be limited to Lucky Charms ads) and I believe they appreciate it and see the overall value in my service as well as understanding that I am an expert in my field. I sell this as a consultation service which costs $25 and roughly takes 20-30 mins; it then leads on to high value orders from people who know my value, expertise and are happy to hire me. Good sellers are missing out on money if they are not offering a consultation service - simple as that.


It depends on several things. I’m always a do it yourself type of person and like to have control of the finished product. Information gathering as a first step so I can get an idea of what is involved is something I usually do on my own.

Once I get a good script then the rest will probably fall into place. I’ve done simple video editing in the past and it’s not beyond my ability to do that once I have the sound and the video template.


Exactly, so you are more of the type of person who would value a consultation, rather than the type who just want the finished product completed for them - those tend to hire an agency.

But above, you asked an expert to create a guide for you?
I believe that would be something that is worth paying the right person to do.

Or fall apart without having the overall plan in mind - I dunno, its not something I know about. However, when people say similar things about SEO, they generally get lost quite quickly.


Well I managed to get a guide free on the forum thanks to Mike. :wink:


Insert joke about Mike not being an expert here

Good job Mike… just brought down this potential add-on for 5000 VO artists…