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Waking up just to toss a huge completed project in the garbage

Delivered a huge project (several hours of work and I have a full queue so I’m already overwhelmed) yesterday to a client.

Today I woke up to them saying it doesn’t sound like my demos (it does) and could I please start over?

Gutted. No I won’t start over for free for you to then come back and say nevermind we will go with someone else.

:sob: it’s hard not to get imposter syndrome when this happens. It’s extremely rare, but when it happens I really do question what the hell I’m doing grinding away 7 days a week, every week. Is my voice really rubbish? Are my nice clients just confused?

Ugh. Anyway happy Easter lol :smile::hatching_chick::rabbit:


That is just cr@p, Gwyneth - really feel for you …


I feel you! But I also thank you for sharing this as impostor syndrome knows NO bounds. We all feel it, and remember, confidently incompetent people don’t doubt their abilities. It’s the competent ones left wondering. It’s tough, but you’re not alone! :heart:

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