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Wall of Rant Replies

Sometimes I see rants added to posts where the rant is not relevant to the thread. So, I decided to make a spot for those in the Ranting Pot instead of removing them. Ranters be heard! :slight_smile:

I don’t mind paying for what i need but if i am paying you to do something i should not have to keep telling you what i need! i gave instructions once or twice but after that if its still not right, why should i suffer for something done bad or out of time to find someone who can do it right the first time! some of us come here for help with deadlines! and if you cannot or have trouble, don’t keep trying to fix it until time is up and we have no out! You want paid for your work and i want work that matches my pay! if someone is trying to get a BMW at a Pontiac price just do it your damn self! Sellers if you’re selling yourself to be good then put your all into the project for thats why I/WE pay the price, we pay or we would do it ourselves for free. Buyers if you don’t want to pay for services don’t look for them! This is my RANT!

I don’t get this!! I’m a buyer.

I don’t mind paying for good work. But why are you sellers missing the real issue?

DON’T advertise you are going to do this and that for $5 when it’s quite obvious that you won’t!

eg. Need a brochure. Prepared to pay $15. That’s what I think it’s worth.

Seller advertises gig for $5 + $10 for own input, delivery in 5 days.

All sounds good. but then… I get HIT UP FOR $40.

I haven’t been on here for long… but I think I’m leaving pretty soon if things don’t improve :frowning: