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Wanna Know How FIVERR's Search & Ranking WORKS? [ARCHIVED]

Hi, Umar Here…

I’m on my way to the LEVEL 2 seller status now…

Just wanted to share my observations with the community here on forum…

Well, I’ve seen that there is NOT a single thing that improves your Search Rankings…

There are actually MULTIPLE factors that contribute to ranking your gigs in Fiverr Search.

Here are those factors mentioned as a list:

  • Being 24/7 Online
  • Instant Replies to Messages
  • Improving GIGs constantly (Updating Tags, Desc and Titles)
  • Getting MORE 5 star reviews! (This is the MAIN reason!)
  • You start noticing HUGE improvements and results when you hit LEVEL 2 rank!

These are the things I’ve noticed. You start noticing improvements in your views, clicks and rankings when you’re on your way to LEVEL 2 seller status… I’m starting to notice those changes and results, this is why thought i should share it…

So, long story short…

1- Get more orders. (Even $5 would do!)
2- Convert those orders into 5 Star Reviews… (Great Service + Communication + Fast Delivery!)
3- Be active / online 24/7! (Or most of the times!)
4- Send Buyer Requests actively. (10 per day!)
5- Update gigs that aren’t getting views…
6- Add videos to gigs where it is possible.

Well, these were the tips i had to achieve all this!

I’ll be sharing more tips and tricks in the future soon, so you can follow me for those updates…

ENJOY! :slight_smile:


You can’t be online 24/7 unless your computer never sleeps, which would be bad for it. Computers need sleep. Also, you need sleep. There’s nothing better than waking up to new orders. It’s a myth that buyers have to communicate before ordering, most of my buyers don’t communicate until they order, the ones that communicate first don’t always buy.

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It’s just to say that be maximum time online possible for you. I try to be online 24/7. I have an android smartphone that has Fiverr app and it is always open. So, try to do the same. Use the app and keep it open and connected to the internet until the next day or don’t turn off the app, just minimize it whenever you need to do something…

Why would being online all the time make a difference?
I have 100% positive reviews and my gigs are not very visible.
I also reply instantly to most messages and as I said my gigs are not visible.

I have one gig with over 500 5 star reviews and it is at the bottom of the listings or not visible at all while very similar gigs with 10 or 20 reviews are on the top of the listings.

I’m always on my iPhone app - 24/7 lol

It doesn’t matter where you find yourself. You’ll feel difference when you start increasing reviews. That also depends on what category you’re in. MOST ACTIVE category on Fiverr would probably be LOGO Designing right now. So you’ll feel the difference in that category the most. Others make it feel close to NOTHING where there aren’t a lot of buyers.

The online thingy is true,when buyers use the fiverr search engine there is a filter that says “online sellers” when they use this filter fiverr will only dispkays gigs posted by buyers who are online at that moment. Try searching for a gig you will see what I mean.

I don’t care if a seller is online when I’m searching for something to buy. Why does that matter?

You are trying to argue with someone who has earned Top Rated Seller. Also, several of your tips seem irrational and I haven’t seen evidence of improved ranking by several of these. It might be best to get more experience and learn from people who have hundreds of reviews on a single gig.

Come back and post tips then. Ranking is also one of the most complex issues since some gigs are not in search at all and reasons for ranking appear to change often.

I agree, but even if it helped the filter isn’t accurate. It often won’t display sellers who are online but will lag and still display those who aren’t. There are complaints about this scattered around the forum.

I’m glad to hear you.

Wish all became rich in the end.

and affluent

You missed out one important thing that is Orders in Cue, they help a lot. But still i would advice against this guessing game because there is no way one can find out what gets you views and what doesn’t, I had 7 views on a particular gig yesterday and today All of my gigs have 0 views, so you really can not explain that.


HI, I always in online & replying within 3 hour’s but i don’t get my gigs in search time, why? please give me some tips.


Thanks for your advice .

if your gigs describing against the fiverr policy…the fiverr editorial team never bring your gigs in to search list if you do whatever tips you got…also fiverr rules not common for all sellers…some sellers gig is still visible in top search…but they providing 3rd party service…its against the policy…but no convincing opinion from fiverr team…they will reply always the same sentences…luck also important here as per my experience…

I agree with you fonthaunt. I don’t know why people are posting false things on forum maybe one reasons because by doing this they get views on their gigs and this improves their impressions but improving gig’s impression not going to give you orders. Also he is arguing with someone who have more experience than him.

I agree with misscrystal being online all the time doesn’t make any difference but yes using fiverr app is good idea so when a buyer sent you a message you can reply him/her on time.

Well, isn’t this fun? I like the bit where a level 1 seller confidently asserts that you (yes, you) will notice a huge difference when you hit level 2. Thus the voice of experience spake.

Incidentally, plenty of people who hit level 2 moan about a sudden drop in orders. How can we explain this in light of this expert advicering?

What about this one:
6- Add videos to gigs where it is possible.

Yet the OP has no videos.

yomanew we are aware that sellers offer tips to try to get people to view their gigs and often it is new sellers or level 1 sellers who give the tips.

These are not buyers who come to the forum. They are sellers. It’s a waste of time to post tips thinking people will buy your gigs from it. I just post a lot on the forum because I like to write, not to get sales. Maybe twice in the two years I’ve been posting here did I get a $5 sale from it.