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Wanna know the warning all about

Recently I completed “Be a Successful Fiverr Seller” course and watched 100%. When I finished the course with given all right answer out of one, popped up an interface written for review, I saw a list of course as well. I clicked one of them, then all of a sudden Fiverr gave me a warning, written, “Next time your account will be suspended”. What’s my fault, I thought it was from Fiverr then I clicked. So why this warning, I just wanna know. Thanks all. Best Regards.
Syed Md. Abu Hena


That doesn’t really sound like an official line from an official notification. Usually they say something like “may be suspended” or “may result in the suspension or termination” and so on.

There’s definitely a lot of specific details missing about your particular situation.


Thank you very much.

Sometimes similar activity doing very much in regular basis fiverr robot think it was a bot or scammer.
So avoid do something continuously which is may harmful your account and create a chance for ban warning.

Thank you. You are so kind!


Congrats on finishing the course.

I have never encountered anything like this before, perhaps a glitch?

Perhaps, anyway, Thank you very much.