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Wanna make money? Follow up on your messages!

If your a seller and your not following up with your messages, then your missing out on potential sales and potential long term clients! A lot of sellers fail in this area, and I mean a lot. The reason why I know this is because, before I sold anything on here I bought a lot of stuff, and I still continue to buy. But I only buy from those that get back to me, and I keep those that do good business as my favorites.

If you want any kind of business you must follow up on any messages that you get even if you don’t get a response back, I can’t tell you how many sales I have made just by getting back to the customer, they have one question, I answer it, and in the next 5 minutes I have a sale. I keep getting repeat business because I follow up with individuals, so keep that in mind, that is almost rule number one in business is the follow up.

Solid advice.

I agree with you strongly. I have messaged a few sellers who did not respond at all and I went to another. Some had no orders in queue, so I figure they had just given up, but it’s a shame! Thanks for contributing.

Buyers write few sellers at a time, I believe as I do, if you are not there to respond first with the best possible offer - you’ve lost them :slight_smile:

Reply to @jjgriffin: as i have opened a thread about this , customers love to do business with sellers that responds quick , if not they should not bother because there work progress will be slow

most of the people here disagreed with me but i never cared to make them understand , am not bothered i said it once thats it xD

This is the same topic I wrote about the other day here:

Sellers simply don’t know much about how to deal with people, otherwise known as communication. That’s why most sellers need a business course if they want to sell anything anywhere.

Now, the other problem is fiverr’s poor messaging system. It simply sucks. You may or may not know that when you send a message it may be read by admin before it gets to it’s destination. Sometimes the other person may receive your message and many times others don’t receive your message. So, send the message twice. One has to get through.