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Wanna promote my gig

how should i promote my gig to get offers.


This section is meant to promote your gigs only.

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How? I am a new seller, I just completed my first order on Fiverr.

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Many ways
1.Email marketing
2.Social media marketing
3.Blog marketing

You need to learn these before start advertising


:slightly_smiling_face: well i am doing my advertisement part in ways i can think of still… currently no orders. I am a new user here trying to get orders.

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Thanks. Can I also share my gigs here?

For me, I’m not sure if you are supposed to share your gigs here. After all, forums constitute mostly of sellers who are also in their pursuit to sell their services. I think you can promote your gigs in social media (facebook, twitter, emails e.t.c) and get prospective customers who can purchase your gigs successfully. I am also new and that is what I’m doing.


Thanks for your response