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Wanna wish someone for Christmas but don't wanna spend? PrinceMaxx offers a free Christmasgig for yu



Time is running out! Want to say merry christmas to someone you love with a simple feel and touch? Here you are! This is an express delivery order specially made for people who want this delivered a.s.a.p as Christmas is hitting soon! Available in 1080p format. Do message me before-time if you want the video in full-class HD.
If you want to message me with the info, you can do that!

If you want to thank me for my service, you can collect my gig.


Wow, you’re amazing. And I’m a humbug and you’ve even cause a dew to well in my eyes.


Reply to @anarchofighter: That’s so sweet of you. I’d love it if I could create this for you, will you accept my offer?


Just tell me what your message is and what you want below the message. :slight_smile:


Awesome Gig and very generous offer :smiley:


Reply to @momenly: Thanks! I am in Santa spirit, ho ho ho. Just kidding, send me a message on fiverr or post here with the text you want


Sorry for the delay, after effects took a lot of time to download. I’ve sent you the video in the message. :slight_smile:


This is amazing and well thought out with a unqiue twist. I know you are going to do awesome things in 2013 and I hope many take you up on this offer and order from you in the coming months.


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Thanks! Hope you have a very good year and a very merry Christmas. :slight_smile:


Updated the video and gig to include sound and the ‘X’ is gone. It looks and sounds much better now


Come on get your free greeting card before Christmas.


Thanks a lot OBG!

That looks really good on facebook. :slight_smile:

Hope you have an amazing year ahead and enjoy your break (will you still be around the forums? The break is just for orders right?)




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Get this before christmas!


I am ordering.


Love this video.


1 day left for Christmas, get this for FREE and wish your loved ones a very merry Christmas


nononononono, this is not an order. It’s a gift so please do NOT order.

Just tell me the text you want I’ll get this ready in some time (I’ll try to get this done asap)