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WannaCry Ransomware - Are we protected?


On May 12, 2017 a new strain of the Ransom.CryptXXX (WannaCry) strain of ransomware began spreading widely impacting a large number of organizations, particularly in Europe.

My question is- Does Fiverr have anything in place in place to prevent the transmission of this virus among it’s members? I know that this virus targets files that buyers and sellers use here everyday on a normal basis including .pptx .xlsx
and .docx.


This is not how this virus works.

It is not being transmitted via file sharing.

It uses unprotected servers to spread.

You don’t have to open an attachment to get infected. You just need to be online and using an unpatched Windows version.

Microsoft patched the vulnerability exploited by this virus two months ago.

If you have a legit, up to date version of Windows, you should be fine.


.docx , .pptx , .xlsx does not contain malware virus. I forum user shared some tips, by following these tips any user can stay safe from malware attack :wink:


Yes, indeed those document types don’t contain malware viruses, but they can contain malicious macro code, which isn’t a virus but can still do some damage… best thing to do is disable execution of Macro code from within Word/Powerpoint/etc.


I never update Windows. I hate those updates, especially since often my internet is so slow now.

If you know which update it was that protects from this please let me know.


Sure, just look for a patch that addresses MS17-010 vulnerability


[note: sorry for being unknowledgeable, I own a Mac] I’ve heard Windows 10 forces everyone into updating and you have no way of refusing - how come you are able to not update your Windows?


I am on Windows 8.1 still because I use some video software not compatible with Win 10.

Not everyone upgrades to the latest OS version.


I have Windows 8.1. I don’t want 10.

Message used by FakeBsod to lock your web browser

You can regain control of your web browser without paying anything by closing the warning message using the Task Manager.


What does this virus do and what should people with pirated windows do to be safe?


I have Windows Defender so probably it protects from this.


read my reply on top of this thread :wink: I have quoted a discussion :wink:


What? Did you just admit publicly and out loud that you have a pirated windows? :joy:


I use fiverr from phone. It’s for knowledge. :joy:

Cyber attack on 100+ Countries - Big theft - Back-up your data everyday in Offline HardDrive

Really not likely. As per Windows 10, Windows basically uses torrents to distribute the updates which defender and windows rely upon to keep updated. Anyone can intercept these and since this was NSA malware, you can be assured that it was designed to infiltrate PC’s via the windows update system itself, hence why Microsoft attempted to patch this vulnerability earlier this year.

Quit Windows, even if this means using a niche operating system and you will be much safer.


I have Windows 8.1. I update Defender once a week. I never get the Windows updates.


if you use Windows 8.1 but never get updates, you might as well be using Windows XP. Windows Defender uses the same update protocol as the main OS. You might be able to stop Uncle Sam snooping on you in the shower to some degree, but you are actually compromising your PC security if you are not getting regular updates.

It’s catch 22 with all windows variants I’m afraid. Linux isn’t 100% safe but at least you can pull it apart to a large degree to patch security flaws yourself.

There is no such thing as online safety anymore. - Oh for the days of the humble unhackable abacus.

In fact, ‘Abacus’ would be an awesome name fro a new indie antivirus. - Just putting that out there. You can have that one, world. It’s on me.


‘Abacus’ sounds more like an OS name to me. I’d buy that OS!


Really? In this case, just give me a few hours and I’ll get you the prettiest Trojan Horse you have ever seen gallop around a hard disk. Also, I’ll need your physical Ip address, current Windows administrator password, and you to enable remote desktop assistance so that I can guide you through the Abacus installation process. - All free, of course. Just PM me when you are ready.


Bummer, I have a Mac and haven’t used a WinDosage since… well, basically since XP. I loved Win2000 though…