Want a cancel order


Buyer ordered without inform me.
A job is different compare to offer, I am not able to do this.
I want to cancel this one, Is it negative impact on my account.


No it’s not effect negative impact for your account


Actually, I applied job for edit, correction for 100 fields, in last month
but today buyer send ordered me without inform me.
And msg me as "I am sorry I meant upload 100 fields "
Can I cancel? any negative impact.
Thanks for reply


No i think it’s not a big deal . you just do one thing please contact to your buyer first and then cancel the order


Yes you right but Do you know every cancellation count and It’s decrease order completion rate??
You can read it to know more about it.


you are also right but she asked that is there any negative impact to her Account not Gig for this reason i said it hope you got my point . thanks


its negative impression on your gig