Want A Cartoon Drawn? Good Luck


I fully realize that I have only paid $5 to get a cartoon drawn, but this was a price given to me, not one that I negotiated for. So: For $5, I am promised a simple cartoon through Fiverr. I describe what I want, I pay for it, and then I wait the week for someone somewhere to perform the work.

A week passes, and after the week deadline I am contacted by the individual who apparently does this contracted work, and he/she explains that the cartoon will be ready in 24 hours. Ok. I waited a week so another day won’t kill me, but the 24 hours comes and goes, and here we are three days AFTER the deadline. The only way I can contact anyone is through my order and that only apparently goes to the contractor - there is apparently no one overseeing that contracted work actually gets done through this site.

So great, I can NOW cancel - but I needed this cartoon for a marketing campaign - and I needed it at the latest on the deadline that was promised.

You get what you pay for, and I’m about ready to cancel with extreme prejudice.