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Want a chance to win my gig?

To all of you sneaker heads out there that are tired of not getting them limited edition shoes. I have the solution for you. My gig is a Nike bot that will automatically grab the size of the shoe you want and put it into your cart. If you would like to know more go to my page.

Now for the fun part. I will give my gig to 5 lucky winners.

All you have to do is:

  1. Follow the post
  2. Like the post
  3. In your post put the shoe size that you want

    That’s it!

    I will announce the winners on Saturday May 17th at 5:00 pm

    Get it 5:00 pm…because it’s fiverr…no?..okay…

Hi, I’m not interested in winning this, just curious. Do you get to choose anything other than the shoe size? I mean, if I’m already on the Nike site to view the styles, what’s the advantage of a bot picking the size & putting it in my cart? If I’m already there looking, it seems just as easy for me to go ahead & pick what I want & buy it. And limited edition Nikes usually ask you to choose specific features, colors, patterns, etc. So does the bot do that? Again, just wondering~

Hmmmm, I guess I’m never going to know the answers I seek~ [-X

So, here’s another question: 5:00 p.m. WHEN. This is an international community. There are 40 times zones… that’s a lot of 5:00 p.m.'s.

Reply to @celticmoon: You really have got a point here :slight_smile:

Reply to @ratheeshr: Thanks…It’s certainly long past 5:00 pm in MY time zone, but who knows where this person actually lives, right?

I still don’t understand exactly what this supposed bot does, but it’s his (her?-no profile information) only gig, and the description doesn’t say much at all. Personally, I would be highly suspicious of something like this and would never put it on a computer or device. I have a feeling this gig isn’t going to be a big seller!

Reply to @celticmoon: Hmm… I think he/she is from US… and you are also from US… so she is referring to your timezone… If that is the case then its way past 5.00… Even I can smell something fishy!!

Reply to @celticmoon: Ha you guys are so funny. There was no point of responding earlier since no one tired to win it(sadly but true). Besides that, if I was to explain it a little bit better to you, would you be interested in it?

Yes I can see why you guys think that it is a little sketchy. I also know that y’all wouldn’t just want know random program on your computer but you guys oblivious aren’t my targeted group. If I actually got this out to the people, they would know this is a great gig since every other bot people tried to sell is overpriced. but if you guys are not trying to help then why post on this thread? I mean you guys are level 2 and I feel like y’all are just being negative.

a bot? i dont know but , usually bots need an executable file .exe

i dont like the idea of winning any .exe files.

Goodluck tho.

Reply to @nateaka007: I guess assuming that anyone who has questions about your gig wouldn’t be interested in buying it is a good way to narrow your target group down to not much. It’s certainly not a very good way to make sales. And biancha’s point is a valid one: why should I trust that you, a total stranger, isn’t going to slip a Trojan horse or malware into my computer with your bot? Why should anyone?

I think “critical” better describes the remarks your post has generated. We didn’t post because we’re a bunch of mean level 2’s out to kick a newbie. It’s because your post was vague, yet you never bothered to respond to my questions. It’s because we were trying to figure out why anyone would want your gig, or how we were supposed to know what time you were talking about since you didn’t specify.

Here’s a neutral hint: saying that ‘if only you could get this out to other people, they would know how great it is’ is a superb way to turn off potential buyers. We’re people. We’re not convinced, and you haven’t even bothered to try, just saying we’re not your “target”. And here’s another hint: telling potential buyers that someone else sells the same thing for too much money only comes across as one of the oldest, most-despised selling tricks in the book.

Maybe because I would never get up early to order a pair of shoes online, I wouldn’t buy your gig, never mind the issue of loading .exe files from strangers. And you’ve certainly told me nothing to change my mind about that.

Reply to @celticmoon: aite