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Want a fiverr revenue card


Hello everyone,
I want to ask is it possible for me to convert my Payoneer Prepaid Master Card to Fiverr Revenue Card???
I forgot to get Payoneer Card through "Fiverr Revenue Card button provided in Fiverr . I made an account of Payoneer and attach the Fiverr account with this payoneer account Now I want to convert this into Fiverr Revenue Card. I don’t have payoneer prepaid master card, I have’nt ordered it yet and I don’t want it, I want fiverr revenue card
Kindly give me some suggestions regarding this issue…


Hi there,
You can contact the Payoneer and ask them to issue and ship you a Fiverr Revenue Card. As you have already attached your Fiverr account to the Payoneer, you have no any issue getting a Fiverr Revenue Card. So just contact the Payoneer and they will ship you the card.


You don’t need to get the payoneer card through fiverr revenue card button. If you have payoneer card it will work just fine here.
If it’s not working then you used different email like your fiverr email and payoneer email are different.


I don’t have any card.


Okay thanks I will ask them.


I have attached fiverr with my existing payoneer account, I have withdrawn payment on it, but neither I have payoneer card nor fiverr revenue card. and If I order payoneer card it would cost me 30 $ so I want fiverr revenue card.


$30 is payoneer annual fee whether you get payoneer card directly or through fiverr this charges will apply.


Okay thanks for info.


fiverr revenue card charges 5$ not 30$


I have asked payoneer to issue me a fiverr revenue card as I have already attached it with payoneer account they said contact fiverr when I contact fiverr they said contact payoneer, Kindly tell me what should I do ?


No matter what you do now you will have to get the payoneer mastercard now. My first payment was deducted by payoneer cause of the card activation fee.You can withdraw to bank tho if you want to avoid these fee i think.


Someone told me that I cannot withdraw to my bank account without card.


We also faced this same issue years ago. This should be done by the Payoneer


Well you have the option to withdraw to bank from your fiverr account. You just have to add your bank account to your payoneer account. Also check and see if you have the option to withdraw to bank from your payoneer account. The currency must match with your fiverr payment currency. I wanted to withdraw to bank but payoneer wouldn’t allow me to do as my Default currency was GBP and my fiverr payment is in usd. I had no choice but to activate my card. But you can check your account see if all the option are available for you in your payoneer account and in fiverr.


So there is no way to order a fiverr revenue card ? and our pakistani default bank currancy is PKR


But payoneer said they cannot do anything.


Payoneer said contact fiverr when I contact fiverr they said contact payoneer


Dude like i said your only option is to get payoneer mastercard if you want a card. I had this exact same problem and they told me the same things. So either get the mastercard or withdraw to bank.


I didn’t mean your bank currency. I meant the currency of your payoneer account.


how can i check the currancy of my payoneer account ?