Want a realistic self defense training system right for you? I have what you need!


Are you looking for a realistic self defense training system for your needs and wants? I have the self defense training system just for you!

What makes my self defense training system stand out?

No rules -One of the best things about my self defense training system is there’s no rules. Anything goes as long as it’s realistic. You have complete freedom to do whatever you want in training if it makes you a better at defending yourself. I share what i know and give you the tools to accomplish your goals.

Individuality - My system is built on the person. I don’t hand you a set curriculum or course. I value open-mindedness, creativity, and different abilities. The system is built around what you want to defend against.

Realistic training - We’ll be going over situations that you’ll likely come across like weapons, unarmed attackers, bullying, verbal abuse, multiple attackers, and so on. There’s no demonstrations, rehearsed techniques, sports, etc. Everything is on the spot and realistically built for the streets. You’ll learn simple and efficient techniques for combat. If you’re a beginner, you’re taught techniques from boxing, Wing Chun, BJJ, and more! If you’re advanced, you’re given advice on how to make your techniques work for the streets.

I’ve taught a couple of people my training system. All gave positive reviews. You can find more information here: