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Want a refund from Fiveer or Seller [ARCHIVED]

Hi. So I’m looking for some support from Fiverr honchos here. I’ve emailed you twice now and no reply. His name is **********.

I contacted a seller claiming he was an expert in WP to build me a real estate theme. This was back in January and it has been nothing but a full on out of control GONG SHOW since. I put an open offer up and had 8 submissions to do the work. He promised me the moon and it seemed like a good fit. He has 7 years experience and his profile states he will make sure I’m 100% satisfied or will give money back.

I already have a WP Estate theme and we’re accustomed to its functionality. This site was anothe project all together. But we we’re going to use a lot of the text from within the original Estate theme. So this was supposed to be a quick easy job.

Story goes like this. He makes me an offer and I review his page. Website design and customization for $100. Perfect. He instantly messages be after I accept and asks me to skype him, which I thought was a no no, and says he has great things to share with me about how he can build me a SEXY website. I don’t have skype and I’m not getting up at 4am to converse with anyone. So we didn’t skype. He tells me he will add super security, super speedy website and ALL SEO in 3 days, but he needs $100 more. He told me as an incentive he would include the theme. WP Realty which is $54 US. Ok, sold. No remember we know WP somewhat from our last theme. I asked for a calculator…he told me he couldn’t find any and he wasted 3 hours searching for one. Honestly, I found one just as you could in less than 30 seconds.

He installs template and starts work on functionality of settings, maps, taxonomy etc…the stuff I’m not good at. My team loads all of our pricing tables, slider pics, footer info etc. 3 days comes and he isn’t finished…he begs me to skype him because it was cold in Pakistan that day and he had a sick tummy. We’re in Canada and it was a blizzard and -24. I still, worked. No skype. He begs me to give super de duperdy review and promises again to make my site THE BEST he’s ever built. So, yes I gave him a good review and closed it before it was done because I TRUSTED him and TRUSTED FIVErr would protect me on my purchase as PAYPAL does. wrong? We see he is online and we message him, not reply. He’s obviously working on other gigs.

Long story, so cut to present day. Up to a week ago I’ve been on this guy to fix my site, he tells me I need a private server and a pile of othe non-sense. His SEO for $30 was “have house, sell or rent here” his super speed was a plug in we could have installed. He walked away and did not finish the project and left us hanging. Extremely unprofessional and vert frustrating for us. He have a site without dated theme and full…and I mean full of bugs. This clown couldn’t even set up PayPal. I contacted Fiverr and Jordan? Stated he would look into it…2 or 3 weeks ago. This ********** guy is still here and robbing people blind.

We contact another Fiverr member, whom we really like. He informs us he need the theme license and files cuz he thinks it needs updating. I tell him we don’t have these as they weren’t provided…we asked ********** 3 times for them or a refund to purchase. He said he would provide tomorrow BRO, no worries. Never received them. We now want a full refund and this guy OFF of Fiverr. He is bad business.

The new guy has informed me I need to buy the new theme and he will migrate the content to new purchased and updated theme. He knows we’ve been ripped off. Who wants to wait any longer…like really. Fiverr, RID US ALL OF **********. and I want you to get me my full $200 back. If not, I will see we hit every posting blog and link his name to Fiverr and tell the world Fiverr is not as safe as people may think. This is not right. PayPal would have our backs. Fiverr needs to also. $200 US is a lot of money. Our first WP site didn’t cost that much and has been flawless for 6 months.

Fiverr, all of the messages are in my profile, I give you full access to review. I want a full refund and I want ********** gone from here for the safety of all buyers. You can review all our other purchases as they went smoothly.


We’re just buyers and sellers on the forum. Fiverr CSC never replies to complaints here. Unfortunately, we can’t assist with this.

I’m sorry you had a bad experience but all you can do is file a complaint with Fiverr customer service. It sounds like you’ve already done that. Usually if they’re going to refund, they would do that in a day or two.

Have you tried customer support? Click on the link here: customer support

You had me until this part:
“IF not, I will see we hit every posting blog and link his name to Fiverr and tell the world Fiverr is not as safe as people may think”

If I were in customer support and saw a threat like this I would delete your message and never respond to any of your messages. You won’t get anywhere issuing threats.

I appreciate your input misscrystal. But you’re not out $200, weeks of effort and ultimately thousands of dollars. This site was designed to generate income for me. So, until you’ve experienced the same kind of misery, your Good Samaritan post really hold no validity. But I wish you a great day.

It’s not as if I haven’t been in contact with support and just pulled out the threat guns to be a bully. My contact with them did nor generate activity. Whether you people buy or sell here, there needs to be better recourse for what I consider fraudulent subscribers. The proof is in the contact that’s sitting in my profile. No more needs to be said, except…“here is your full refund for fraudulent services, this member has been banned”. “We hope this restores your faith in the services being provided on our website”.

I’d frankly be pretty surprised if customer support didn’t refund this order. There seems to be a very low threshold for refunding orders. Did you email them or did you submit a request through the service center? I’m not sure if there’s a difference in how those two things are processed, but I’d think that using their ticketing system would be better than sending them an email.

emasonwrites- I did and will do so again. The ticketing or reporting system is a bit difficult to navigate to be honest. There should be a satisfaction or fraud reporting button in visible sight.

Sounds like a frustrating experience.

Hoping you get a refund.

misscrystal: I’m sure you can cast a spell on the Seller for me or one to make fiverr refund me. No? I mean I’ve already burned $200 bones on bozo’s, what do I have to lose, right?

The words I chose are to express the level of frustration and lack of confidence. A good business that has nothing to hide has customer centric platforms in place, like the BBB for public ratings. Not internal where they can control the dialogue or the outcome.

Lastly, are you able to administer covens on yourself? Like I’d pay…for say a TROLL curse…if ya get my hint. Cuz I really don’t see how any of this applies to you. Do you need to disclose to the faithful here that you are truly the almighty FIVERR MASTER and CREATOR with a monetary stake vested in this venture? If not, poof.

Admin Note: Attacking sellers on the forum will not help you. Please stop or your posting rights will be restricted.

Customer service has been willing to give refunds in situations like yours unless you do something to get your request put on the bottom of the pile.

I wonder if he knows what poof means in UK English. I’m rolling in the aisles here.

Anyway @gottahave1, you appear to get abusive super-quick with anyone who isn’t prepared to dig deep up your fundament for your precious brown nuggets, so I’m not surprised if Customer Support had a whoopsie and your request tumbled all the way to the bottom.

Also, did you know the BBB is a crock of shite where you can pay to have those bad reviews removed? So much for public fair ratings (see also: Yelp)

I have nothing helpful to add, so feel free to yell at me for being unhelpful and rude. I’m not out $200 and yelling at people on a forum while screwing up my chances with the only people who might help. Diddums.

You are everywhere. Literally, everywhere :smiley: :smiley: I love your comments :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah @emmaki and @misscrystal play the bad cop, good cop routine…heart and soul of Fiverr forum.

I don’t have any reason to be mad at you emmaki, you clearly stated you had nothing to add. You fulfilled another empty order. Congrats. You Poofter. And you underestimate the power of an Internet complaint…you have to be a paid
member to remove comments. The fee is not cheap and the percentage of businesses that even look regularly is low I’m sure. Topic for another day. Now run along.

If customer service chooses not to look at the legitimacy of a wrong doing based on any other reason than the wrong doing…then it truly isn’t customer service. It appears to be rampant from my research. It’s my money and I’m entitled to comment if I’m not getting the service I paid for or the customer support to back me up when a seller “steals” my money.

Honestly, it’s about integrity and principle. It will all work out I’m sure. I have found another Fiverr guy that is very eager to assist and that makes me happy. He’s already gone way beyond to fix the mess.

Bottom line. It will happen to more people and become an epidemic.

Peace and love my fiends. No harm, no foul. All in fun.

I had nothing to add until you started being rude to someone… and come, my friend, poof, poofter, turdburgler… are you one of hose I AM NOT GAY homophones?

Entitlement to something doesn’t always mean you should exercise it. You should also remember that pissed off people have a lot more to say than satisfied people, and of course, cognitive bias in search results is a thing. You can find millions of examples of people who think CS sucks, I can do the opposite.

Now, where’s my $225 order to tell you how much I suck?

Am I the bad one or good?

Why not both? Be inconsistent, it’s fun!

I did mention his threatening fiverr, so in a way I am both.

For Canadians, to say “poof” to someone means go away.

It can also mean to disappear, to fart, (male) homosexual, an expulsion of air or, if you can’t spell French (pouffe) a beanbag.

Anyway, I prefer the word “woofter”. It makes me laugh. I also have a dog, so I sometimes amuse myself by etc.